Deep Blue Water

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Image by pladicon2012acacias from Pixabay

Adryelle feat. StarBoy

I’m thirsty here
can’t you see?
where can you get a drink around here
the pool is mud
clean it off
need to find the strength to move from here

Deep Blue water when i see my baby (4x)

move along
trail to find
a lake with an abundance of water here
very cool
i’m so tired
from the trail
i am on

She seems much better than my last
Like Hip Hop Pop with a touch of Jazz
Smooth like a Latte
Sunshine on a bad day
Governing our love like my last name O’Malley
I’m Deep in her Ocean brigaded in her Valley
She’s barefoot on the beach I’m the BadBoy in the Ballys
We got them all cheering like a High School Pep Rally
High off this love No Loud No Molly
I’m treading on thick water
Just what the doctor ordered
Buzzer Beater Game Winning Shot 4th Quarter
Shotgun wedding taking the hand of your daughter
You can call her Harlem and I’m the boy Rich Porter
Life with her incredible amazing
She put that spice in my life like Cajun
We suitable salaries no minimum waging
Call us over due bills together were aging
Deep Blue Water When I See my Baby

released November 30, 2015
Produced by StarBoy for TraxNappers Ent/EMG
Written by StarBoy & Adryelle