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(Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)


Music and Lyrics by Adryelle:

rise up
rise up
i’m calling
can you hear me now
these pathways
take a look cause they are changing
see i’m doing something very different now
i’m doing a new thing
this is a new thing

ways in this wilderness
streams in this wasteland
follow me
out of this
follow me out of this…
follow me out of this…

your ways are higher than mine
i count it all as a loss
your ways are higher than mine
i leave it all at the cross

(From the album Kingdoms & Communities © Copyright 2020 Adryelle. All Rights Reserved)


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With houses of worship currently closed or restricted across much of the nation, the editors of the Baltimore Post-Examiner are inviting an array of spiritual teachers to share insights from the ages along with words of comfort and encouragement. These timely messages are not exclusive to any particular faith walk and will be included in our ongoing Spirituality series.